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Toolots Warehouse Services

Toolots boasts a 120,000-square foot product exhibition warehouse in Cerritos, CA that showcases flagship products from Chinese manufacturers, with dedicated on-site engineers demonstrating machinery operation and maintenance for customers. We thereby ensure the best shopping experience both online and offline.

Toolots plans to expand with an additional 10000,000 square feet in warehousing in the eastern, western, and central regions of the US to further facilitate the localization of cross-border trade.

In China, Toolots plans to build 3 to 5 industrial parks in the Yangtze River Delta region. Within these sites, we will set up bonded warehouses and logistics warehouses to store dutiable goods....?

Logistics warehouses will be constructed in locations around the perimeter of the provinces where factories are located for Toolots merchants to provide export logistics warehousing services. Toolots pledges to provide quality warehousing facilities while minimizing storage costs for suppliers as much as possible.