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Product Specialist – Overseas Market Solutions

Job description:

1. Investigate and analyze the market, supply chains, and production distribution of industrial equipment in China and the US.

2. Direct and advise the onboarding of products onto the online platform, based on the different technical standards of China and the US.

3. Advise manufacturers regarding product improvements and assist them in setting up their US company and establishing their US brand.

4. Supervise the operations related to manufacturers onboarding their products onto the platform.

5. Supervise bringing together the overseas sales team and overseas warehousing logistics, providing the counsel they need as well as to other departments.


1. Bachelor's degree in engineering

2. Proficient English comprehension and communication skills, proficient in various office software.

3. Strong critical thinking skills, propensity to learn, and understanding of industrial equipment.

4. Strong communication skills, project management and implementation abilities, and be able to work diligently, adaptively, and with a strong sense of responsibility.

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