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Business Model

  • Vertical E-commerce
    Vertical E-commerce

    Unlike horizontal e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay that focus on consumer goods, Toolots is a vertical e-commerce platform specializing in industrial equipment.

  • M2U Mode
    M2U Mode

    M2U stands for Manufacturer-To-User. Toolots functions as a one-stop shop of services for Chinese manufacturers that enable them to sell products directly to US end users. In addition to its inherently breakthrough value as a supply-chain disruptor, M2U furthermore enables end users in the US to place orders for customized production. With an increasing level of systematic automation, this concept leads the way in Industry 4.0. 

  • Service Platform
    Service Platform

    Toolots's e-commerce platform offers not only products but also services for end users. The quality customer service and after-sales services we locally provide to US customers is key in ensuring the success of made-in-China industrial equipment entering into the US market.

How do we sell Chinese industrial equipment to the United States?
Build your online store

Build your online store

Toolots guides merchants through the process of building their online store, which takes two main st:

1.Sign up

It’s free to register, and we provide additional premium services for a fee.

2.Produce the page

Toolots helps clients take professional photos and videos of their products. This service is free Diamond-level merchants but available for a fee to other merchants.

Training of how to build an online store

Training of how to build an online store

Training prior to products going online includes three aspects::

1.Market Research

As not all products are suitable for export to the US, the product experts at Toolots use rigorous market research and sales analysis on prospective product lines to assess each product’s viability in the US.

2.Product Selection

Based on expert market research, Toolots helps merchants select the products that are most suitable for US demand. Such product screening substantially reduces uncertainty in sales later on.

3.Price Setting

Toolots assists merchants with pricing strategies that ensure competitiveness, yet at the same time allow merchants to earn significantly more than what they would have earned from traditional trade. In most cases, we have shown that merchants are able to obtain double the margin that they would have through traditional sales of the product to an intermediary.

Shipment and Warehousing

Toolots boasts a 120,000-square foot product exhibition warehouse in Cerritos, CA that showcases flagship products from Chinese manufacturers, with dedicated on-site engineers demonstrating machinery operation and maintenance for customers. We thereby ensure the best shopping experience both online and offline. Toolots plans to expand with an additional 500,000 square feet in warehousing in the eastern, western, and central regions of the US to further facilitate the localization of cross-border trade.


Marketing and Promotion

Our extensive experience in big data and online marketing allows us to advertise effectively and accurately to target customers. As an industrial equipment vertical e-commerce platform, Toolots holds an advantage in that our advertisements are focused on equipment only. So far, we have more than 30,000 customers (end users) in the US, currently growing at a rate of 3,000 new customers per year – our substantial customer base ensures a market for our sellers.

  • 30000+

    End Users

  • 3000+


  • Digital Marketing

Complete sales

Once the customer completes payment, Toolots handles the rest: delivery, installation and commissioning, and issuing the corresponding payment to the supplier within the stipulated timeframe.

After-sales Services

A major reason that Chinese industrial equipment has struggled to enter the US market in the past is its inability to provide after-sales service in the US. But Toolots makes local services possible. In the US, Toolots boasts a team of engineers with over 10 years of experience. We also created YUTOOL, an after-sales service system based on social networking and Uber-style sharing. Our comprehensive four-tier after-sales service system takes the worry out of overseas business.

YUUTOOL is an app that customers in the US can install on their computer or smart phone. Engineers from Toolots’s partnered manufacturers across the US can be found on YUUTOOL, categorized by various classes of services and corresponding fee scale. YUUTOOL makes it simple for customers to reach local engineers appropriate for their aftermarket needs.

Four-tier after-sales service system:

Tier 1: For basic troubleshooting, our customer service representatives are available by phone, online, and video.

Tier 2: With our after-sales service system app YUUTOOl, customers can easily reach a nearby engineer appropriate for their needs.

Tier 3: If YUUTOOL is unable to resolve the issue, Toolots sends engineers to come to you for on-site maintenance or troubleshooting.

Tier 4: If the case requires involvement from the original manufacturer, Toolots makes arrangements with the manufacturer to dispatch the appropriate engineers to the US.

What does manufacturers need to do to be onboarded onto the Toolots platform?

1. Set up your own US company. It will function as your US "distributor", ensuring that you maintain the title to the goods (under your US company), and it facilitates the payment process once goods are sold.

2. We strongly recommend that you also register a brand in the US. Toolots offers a trademark registration service so that Chinese manufacturers can easily build their brand. The entire registration process is handled by Toolots Merchant Corporate Services (MCS) Group, whose goal is to make brand-building costs as low and scalable as possible for the highest volume of merchants.